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Know Various Business Product Property

Know Various Business Product Property
For some people the end product of the business property is known simply as housing or other physical building. When in fact there are many products on the property that if dililhat utilization goals, including:

Residential or shelter
What is meant by residential building is a building used as a residence or dwelling. Including the type of residential building is a house or houses, flats, apartments, building student dormitories / student, condos and villas.
The house is a residential building which is still very popular in Indonesia. This is related to the condition of our country that have large tracts of land so there are many locations to be built landed house. In contrast to the state that has an area that is not so big as Singapore which has little soil supply, 'forced' development of residential or other space needs to take a policy of vertical development. So no wonder the vertical residential development such as apartments or condominiums very aggressively in Singapore.
Lately living in an apartment is a trend that is happening also in the country, particularly in big cities like Jakarta, which has a dwindling availability of land in the city center. In general, people who choose to live in apartments in the city center are the workers or employees and businesses that have activity in the neighborhood.
Commercial building or place of business
Commercial building is a building that is used for commercial or business purposes. Which includes commercial buildings are office buildings, shopping centers, building services and professional centers such as building hospitals, hotel, motel, condotel and superblock or complex of buildings used for commercial and residential use.  In general, office buildings built business center making it easier for business people in doing business.
Building industry and building research-development
Buildings for industrial purposes such as building a factory or manufacturing, assembly or assembling. Buildings for research and development also has a different character with other buildings. As Bosscha building located in Lembang, West Java.
Building for Agricultural Purposes, estates, farms, mining, wood processing and warehousing  The building for this purpose have specific characteristics such as if the building is used for farm purposes, the building was constructed in a location that can support the business activities of the plantation. So is building for the purposes of timber processing and warehousing which has the characteristic of having a spacious room as a place to indulge in it.
Property for a special purpose 
Included in the property with the specific purpose of this is property that is used to meet the needs of the people that are special, such as places of worship, schools, airports entertainment venues, theaters, bus terminals, train stations, golf courses, meeting rooms, and a zoo others. This property has a special design according to his needs.

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