Understanding WebEx is an online application developed by Cisco that allow users to collaborate through images, video, and sound from any more easily.

WebEx combines communication via the Internet to look at the computer screen. No need to spend the cost for travel and meetings, simply through a web crawler in each table and more productive than sending a file that will be discussed via email. There is no hardware to buy, as well as software that must be downloaded. With this application, both corporate and individual users can reduce operational costs and make the work more efficient.

Cisco WebEx Event Center is a facility that can promote a company's business and services through networking meetings in order to interact with each other.

Well, 2 org Founder d'BCN is mba Nadia Meutia & Early shanti is starting to use WebEx technology to facilitate network and which led Online Training combined live.

d'BCN, to be member registration fee only Rp.39.900. Lucky once and felt proud to be there among communities d'BCN is very fierce.

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